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Производство водостойкого гипсового вяжущего (ГЦПВ...
Производство водостойкого гипсового вяжущего (ГЦПВ) из фосфогипса
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destination developments:

production of progressive building material - waterproof gypsum binder.



Project readlines:

In the UzSSR, especially in the last years of its existence, civil and housing construction was carried out using reinforced concrete panels, which were manufactured on an industrial scale at specialized precast concrete factories. With Uzbekistan gaining independence and the emergence of market relations, due to various circumstances, both objective and subjective, precast concrete factories in Uzbekistan ceased to exist, as a result of which civil and housing construction returned to the use of ceramic bricks, which are made in Uzbekistan on brick factories built in the fifties of the last century. Ceramic bricks at these factories are made on outdated (morally and physically) equipment, outdated, backward technology, from low-quality raw materials. The aim of the proposed project is to create a production of progressive building material, alternative to ceramic bricks, concrete blocks based on Portland cement, aerated concrete. The production of construction products from GCPV according to the proposed project is: - significantly lower energy consumption for the production of gypsum binder (the main component of GCPB), compared to products made from other building materials, - the use of two man-made wastes for the production of building material at once - phosphogypsum and fly ash from coal TPPs. - GCPV is a building material most suitable for the construction of buildings by the method of monolith-concreting with sliding formwork, as well as using a construction printer in the construction of buildings by the method of 3D "printing".